1. Valentino Rossi said :
“It is like Marc is me, but upgraded – the new model! He has all the potential to become the greatest of all time, or better than me, or win more than me, because he is a great talent, with great skills, and is also very young. But now it’s very early to say because it is a long way. But he has 100 percent of possibility to do that”

2. Santi Hernandez said ;
“Marc is a very hardworking rider. He knows what he needs in order to go fast and give clear information to the technicians.”

3. Carlos Linan said:
“This guy is human!, he asked for permission to come and eat with us”

4. Jorge Lorenzo said :

“But at this moment Marc is a more complete rider. He is more like Casey. Maybe Casey at Phillip Island is faster, or in some little moments [would be] faster than Marc, but Marc never gives up.”

5.  Emilio Alzamora said:

“He was very mature – he seemed like a 23-year-old rather than a 12-year-old kid. His passion for bikes was obvious, and one day I suggested that he should change his line in the corners, to peel into them later. He just did it – he learns really quickly.”

“Marc is learning so fast that it’s hard to keep up with him. Is he risking too much? He’s searching for the limit, and you can always search a little more.”

6. Cal Crutchlow said:

“But he’s fully in control of the bike – it’s just the way he rides. Marquez can get the bike a foot out of line, but he still makes the corner.”

7. Luis Capdevila said :

“He was a bright kid, He had fast reactions, and eyes that took in everything. If you gave him advice he absorbed it immediately.”

8. Angel Viladoms said:

“Marc told me: ‘I really love doing 200kph [125mph]!’ He worried me so much.”

9. Livio Suppo said :
marc is happy living, he is happy racing and he wish is to make everybody else happy to spread his happiness